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Project Status

The Token-2022 program is still under audit and not meant for full production use. In the meantime, all clusters have the latest program deployed for testing and development purposes ONLY.


Here is the general program timeline and rough ETAs:

Code-complete & final auditSummer 2023
Mainnet recommendationFall 2023 (depends on v1.16)
Freeze program2024

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Remaining itemsโ€‹

v1.16 with curve syscallsโ€‹

In order to use confidential tokens, the cluster must run at least version 1.16 with the elliptic curve operations syscalls enabled.

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Zero-knowledge proof splitโ€‹

To fit within the current transaction size limits, the zero knowledge proofs must be split into their component parts and uploaded to the chain through multiple transactions. Once the proofs exist, the user can issue a transfer and clean up the proofs.

After splitting the proofs in the zero-knowledge token SDK, the token-2022 program must properly consume the new proof format.

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Future workโ€‹


To start, wallets need to properly handle the token-2022 program and its accounts, by fetching token-2022 accounts and sending instructions to the proper program.

Next, to use confidential tokens, wallets need to create zero-knowledge proofs, which entails a new transaction flow.

Increased transaction sizeโ€‹

To support confidential transfers in one transaction, rather than split up over multiple transactions, the Solana network must accept transactions with a larger payload.

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To facilitate deploying updates and security fixes, the program deployment remains upgradable. Once audits are complete and the program has been stable for six months, the deployment will be marked final and no further upgrades will be possible.