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Quick Start Guide

The Token-2022 program provides confidential transfer functionality through the confidential transfer extension.

This guide explains how to use the confidential transfer extension.

Please see the Token-2022 Introduction for more general information about Token-2022 and the concept of extensions.


See the Token Setup Guide to install the client utilities. Token-2022 shares the same CLI and NPM packages for maximal compatibility.

All of the commands here exist in a helper script at the Token CLI Examples.

Example: Create a mint with confidential transfers

To create a new mint with confidential transfers enabled, run:

$ spl-token --program-id TokenzQdBNbLqP5VEhdkAS6EPFLC1PHnBqCXEpPxuEb create-token --enable-confidential-transfers auto

The auto keyword means that any token user can permissionlessly configure their account to perform confidential transfers.

If you would like to gate confidential transfer functionality to certain users, you can set the approve policy to manual. With this approve policy, all users must be manually approved to perform confidential transfers. Anyone can still use the token non-confidentially.

Note that you must configure your mint with confidential transfers at creation, and cannot add it later.

Example: Configure a token account for confidential transfers

Account creation works as normal:

$ spl-token create-account <MINT_PUBKEY>

Once the user creates their account, they may configure it for confidential transfers:

$ spl-token configure-confidential-transfer-account --address <ACCOUNT_PUBKEY>

Note that only the account owner may configure confidential transfers for their account: only they should set the encryption key for their account. This is different from normal accounts, such as associated-token-accounts, where someone can create another person's account.

Example: Deposit confidential tokens

Once the user configures their account for confidential transfers and has a non-confidential token balance, they must deposit their tokens from non-confidential to confidential:

$ spl-token deposit-confidential-tokens <MINT_PUBKEY> <AMOUNT> --address <ACCOUNT_PUBKEY>

Note that the deposited tokens will no longer exist on the account's non-confidential balance: they have been completely moved into the confidential balance.

Example: Apply pending balance

Whenever an account receives confidential tokens from transfers or deposits, the balance will appear in the "pending" balance, which means that the user cannot immediately access the funds.

To move a balance from "pending" to "available", simply run:

$ spl-token apply-pending-balance --address <ACCOUNT_PUBKEY>

Example: Transfer confidential tokens

Once an account has an available balance, a user may finally transfer the tokens to another account that has been configured for confidential transfers!

$ spl-token transfer <MINT_PUBKEY> <AMOUNT> <DESTINATION_PUBKEY> --confidential

This operation takes a little bit longer since it requires multiple dependent transactions, but it's still only a few seconds.

Example: Withdraw confidential tokens

A user whose account has an available confidential balance may withdraw those tokens back into their non-confidential balance.

$ spl-token withdraw-confidential-tokens <MINT_PUBKEY> <AMOUNT> --address <ACCOUNT_PUBKEY>

Be sure to apply any pending balance before running this command to be sure that all tokens are available.